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Business Ethics

I do have some basic do's and don'ts with regard to my service.  I don't  have any gimmicks or slick sales pitches.  I don't have a staff of 20 DJ's, and I don't make promises I can't keep. No hype, and no high pressure. What I do have is a proven track record of many satisfied clients. You can be assured that we will do everything we can to see that you get the perfect wedding day. I invite you to compare what I offer to other services.

There is only one Five Star Entertainment registered name with the State of Ohio and that is my business, the website you are currently on. Don't be fooled by an imposter trying to use my reputation to promote their service.

The Truth about Wedding DJs is that they are not all the same and because you pay a lot for a particular service, it does not necessarily mean you will get great Entertainment. You can secure the classiest hall in the state of Ohio, provide the most tasty and beautiful cake ever made, have the most delicious food served for dinner, and hire the best photographer in the country, BUT if the Entertainment is average or worse, NOT Professional or Entertaining, the memories that every one of your guests will take with them will be that they did NOT enjoy themselves at your Wedding Reception!
This is NOT what you want, Is it ?

I work very hard to please every client that hires me and it is documented and rewarded with the letters I've received from them.  There has been a couple of  Entertainment companies in the past right here in Ohio that have tried to use the trade name "Five Star Entertainment" for their business.
I had to put a stop to the impostors, and I did. There is only ONE Real Five Star Entertainment in the State of Ohio and you are now on the company's website.

My company is small and that's the way I prefer it to be. The main reason I am in the Entertainment business is because I enjoy it. I do not sub-contract my work out to anyone. I do it all myself. My reputation is my own and it is something that I can be proud to say I earned through hard work, dedication, and personal one on one service to my customers. You can put your faith and trust in my word and what I say to be true and you can be sure that I will be the DJ who shows up at your very important special occasion to do the job and not an impostor or a  trainee. If you shop and compare, you will also find that the REAL Five Star Entertainment  from Cleveland, Ohio gives you quality Entertainment for a reasonable price, and we don't have to imitate anybody and that  is the TRUTH.
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