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Questions I recommend asking:

How long have you been in business?
Experience brings awareness of common problems and situations. Be sure that your DJ has experience with your type of event. A professional Disc Jockey will become involved with the planning of your special day and will be prepared to handle all announcements on the day of your special event.

Will you guarantee who will be my DJ ?
You've probably spent a lot of time deciding who will be on your guest list. You might want your neighbors, but your Uncle Fred just gets a little too crazy. Imagine if you sent invitations at random and had people show up at your event who you didn't know? It's a very common practice in the DJ industry to have you meet with the owner of the company or one of their "top" DJs but then substitute someone less experienced at the last minute. They claim that all of their DJs offer a comparable level of experience, but what if your personality clashes with the DJ they choose because it fits their schedule? On the day you've been dreaming of all your life, someone you never met before will show up and be in front of your guests with a microphone. Frightening thought, isn't it? You should be able to meet with the actual individual in advance who will take responsibility for your event. The disc jockey company you’ve chosen should guarantee in writing who the DJ will be and allow you to make the choice.

Do you provide a written contract for your services?
This should be YES without exception! Never take their word for it. Always get it in writing.

Will you be dressed professionally?
A good MC and DJ Entertainer will be in a Tuxedo for your wedding. For any other event they should still be appropriately dressed for the occasion There should be no added fee charged for formal attire.

Do you keep up with the hottest new music?
Some DJs do not invest the money and time to keep their music libraries up-to-date. Five Star Entertainment stocks over 90% of all current hits at all times. Where do you buy your music? Most DJ’s utilize a DJ music service. This means the new songs are automatically sent to the DJ. You should quiz the DJ about any type of music you may want played at your event.

Do you have references?
A list of references should be made available to you from any experienced Disc Jockey. This is a great way to be sure you have selected the best musical host for your celebration or event. If a DJ is reluctant to provide references, chances are he does not have any or does not want you to learn about his lack of professional skills.

Will the DJ host the event and interact with your guests?
The DJ should do more than just play music and should be prepared to handle any announcements and special events throughout your event. There are many options for specialty games and crowd participation dances which can enhance any event. Whether you prefer wild or mild, you should be able to decide exactly how interactive the entertainment will be before the event takes place.

Will you allow for requests?
Requests should be welcomed. Many DJ's have the opinion that they know what music is best for their audience and won't take requests. A professional Disc Jockey will be able to “read the dance floor” he should listen to requests and play them whenever appropriate and explain the reason for inappropriate selections and offer an alternative. DJs that are not open to requests usually have a poor musical library. They hide it by not accepting suggestions.

Do you charge extra for Lights, wireless microphone, or anything else?
Many DJs charge extra for lights and will not tell a client this when quoting a low price. Others don't even offer sound-active lighting. Five Star Entertainment includes our complete lighting system and a wireless microphone for every event at no additional cost. If you do not want lights or mic, then that's OK.

Do you have professional grade equipment that will deliver a quality performance?
Many DJs do not invest in the proper equipment to deliver clean, crisp sound with solid bass. Ask each DJ what brands they use then hit the web to research the names. Five Star Entertainment uses only the finest professional grade DJ gear.

Do you bring complete backup equipment?
Even the best equipment will eventually fail. If it fails during your event and the DJ has no backups, the party is over. Five Star Entertainment brings a backup equipment to every event. We utilize FOUR professional CD players.

Is the music on CD or compressed as Mp3?
Many DJs carry all their music as Mp3 files on laptops, minidisks (MDs - technology from the early 1990's) or Mp3 players. Mp3 files were developed for fast file transfer over the internet, not for high sound quality. They are created by “compressing” music files, removing 80% of the information from the original recording, While CDs provide a complete, full-size, accurate representation of the music. Mp3’s sound adequate on small speakers and headphones but their lack of depth, bass and clarity is very noticeable when played through a high quality, 600-watt DJ system. Mp3 players and laptops are also not designed for DJ use. They lack the controls used by professional DJs and, if one fails, the DJ has lost not only his/her player, but the entire music library. Your DJ should use uncompressed CDs with pro-grade CD Players (not low-end portables) for optimum sound quality, control and reliability. Five Star Entertainment uses a laptop computer to find music in our library.

Will there be more than just one person providing the Entertainment?
Do they bring along an assistant, and if so is that guaranteed or costs extra? Two people will handle the entertainment better than one.

What happens if you can't do the event and have to cancel?
Many DJs do not have a backup DJ if, for some reason, they cannot do the show themselves. Some will also book an event at a very low price then cancel when a more profitable event comes along for the same date. 5 Star Entertainment will not quote an event unless we know we can do it for that price. We have done over 1500 events and have never cancelled on anyone.

How much do you charge?
Keep this near the end of the list so that you can gather the other information without the distraction of knowing how well this DJ fits your budget. The old saying "you get what you pay for" does not apply to Disc Jockeys. Commonly, the DJ that advertises the most is the DJ that charges the most. That has nothing to do with doing a good job. Is a low price really a good price? Some DJs cost more because their superior skills and reputation are in high demand. If a DJ costs significantly less than others in the same market, there is usually a reason why. The DJ can make or break your event, so invest in a good one.

Can we see you perform at a wedding reception?
This answer should be NO. Should your DJ allow a stranger to "pop-in" and watch even a few minutes of your big day and give the impression that they care more about the "next sale" rather than the party in front of them? The video clips that I will send you for your review is almost like being there that night.

Quality & Experience are the most important factors when hiring your entertainment. It is important to find a DJ service that answers the above questions with the answers you're looking for. Speak with two or three specific DJ's (not salespeople at agencies) who appear to have what you're looking for. Then select the DJ you are most comfortable with. The one service you have the most confidence in to help you create the wedding of your dreams. You'll be glad that  you asked the above questions.



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